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Distinguished 26 Year CIA Veteran

About Marc

Marc Polymeropoulos retired from the Senior Intelligence Service ranks in 2019 after serving for 26 years in the Intelligence Community in operational field and leadership assignments. He is an expert in counterterrorism, covert action, and human intelligence collection. Marc is one of IC's most highly decorated field officers and has honed a unique leadership style based on decision making under pressure, inclusivity, camaraderie, and competition. His book "Clarity in Crisis:  Leadership Lessons from the CIA" was published in June 2021 by Harper Collins.  Marc's goal is to pass on this knowledge to the sports and business world who can benefit from his unique experiences serving his country in the hot spots of the world.

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Finding Clarity in the Shadows

Unique Leadership Style

Marc has honed a unique leadership style based on nine core principles which he terms “Finding Clarity in the Shadows.” Each principle builds on the next and is designed for real world applicability, where one often operates under time constraints and with a lack of complete situational awareness. Marc describes how one must not fear but instead wildly embrace this ambiguity. His unique leadership style is based on years of hard time on the streets of the third world vice learning leadership from university lectures or books. The “Glue Guy,” “Winning an Oscar,” and “Adversity is the PED to Success” are just some of the principles that his clients will immediately relate to. Marc will provide real work vignettes from the world of intelligence and paramilitary operations, yet also stress that his principles can be used across the private sector in any profession. He also will provide a checklist for clients to immediately utilize and put his principles into practice. Marc also expounds on these principles in his book, Clarity in Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the CIA, published by Harper Collins in June 2021.


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